Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Revamp

So It has been a way long time since I haev posted on my blog.  I have to admit I am a hippocratic becasue I love looking at everyone elses blog, but I just don't spend the time updating mine.  I think I would rather read someone elses than do mine becasue that is more fun and no one really cares about my blog.  I decided I need to change my attitude about that.  So... I am revamping my blog (mostly becasue I have lots of free time while at work this week).  I want to try to post on it at least once a week.  I have also have decided to not only make it a recipe blog, but a family blog and a projects blog.  I think that will make it easier to post and fun for our family to hear about what is going on in our exciting lives in Rexburg Idaho.

1 comment:

  1. Ok honestly girl?? we are exactly the same WHY HAVE WE NOT HUNG OUT!!!! I am hearing you on the blog, i actually just got on my husbands case last night, tellin him that i need at least one person to read my blog and i voted HIM! But hey I care about your blog, POST and I will read! haha! I hope that that serves as motivation for you! I know how it is, I post all the time and NO ONE comments but now I just do it for me! Love you Lauren, I'll be waiting for your next post! :)


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