Friday, May 27, 2011

Hi ho hi ho... its off to Utah we go!

I am so excited to leave for Utah in less than two hours! yay!
I get to spend an entire weekend with...

We will be spending time with 
This very handsome and silly man and...
Dennis' Aunt and Uncle and....

have a picnic with this wonderful girl and her husband...
and go to dinner with this happy couple! 

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone... don't worry I will be
having a blast with my husband
and going to a REAL mall!  Don't worry
I will do enough shopping for everyone in Rexburg!


  1. U should just keep driving south about 12 hours and come see ur favorite brother who misses u SOOooOOOO much!!!!!!!!

  2. Connor,
    Mom tried to convince me to do that too... ha. I would love to come and visit. You should just come up here. it is better weather anyway! :)


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