Sunday, July 10, 2011

When can I go swimming?

This is the beach pool at our local club house
I grew up in Gilbert, Arizona.  I still call it home. 
 I love that city.  
It is a perfect blend of big city and farm land.  
Another thing I love about Gilbert is the swimming pools.  
It is not unusual to have a swimming pool in every back yard.  
Some of my fondest memories in life include a swimming pool, lake or beach or a hose (trampoline, ice cubes, soap and a tarp... we were very creative kids when I was younger).
Tubing at Lake Havasu

I learned to swim before I knew how to walk.
  My parents owned a ski boat before they owned a house. 
 I was up on water skis at the age of 8. 

Although I have an unhealthy fear of fish I love water and swimming of any kind.
  My husband and I even went to the Bahamas on our honeymoon because he had never been to the ocean.  So you get it... I love to swim....

Then I moved to Idaho. There are no swimming pools... anywhere... that don't cost an arm and a leg (in poor married students terms, $5 a person) 
and the rivers and lakes around here are glaicer water... literally.  
The mountains still have snow run off!
 Its July for heaven sake and I have not been swimming yet! 
I want to get in a swimming pool or a river or a kiddie pool... 
really, I am that desperate.  

Now my rant is done and I will have to be satisfied with a river tubing trip to warm river in two weeks to celebrate the end of the semester! 
We will be going on Saturday July 23 so let me know if yow want to join us!    

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